Evidence series covers some of the facts that support the Christian faith. Specifically, the facts that support the resurrection of Jesus. Christianity is not a religion of blind faith that we have to claim ignorance to accept. Rather it is a faith that has been authenticated through the ages by history and good science.  Listen in as we examine 1 Corinthians 15 to explore some of the facts that support the resurrection and why this matters to our everyday lives. 

Love Songs

Love Songs series focused on the book of Psalms. We learned from these timeless treasures of poetry and songs that have encouraged men and women through the ages.  See how God engages our emotions to elevate our theology.  Download the Love Songs playlist as a tool to better understand the Psalms. 



Made for This series is a study on the book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah was a leader amongst leaders.  In this timely story, we learn from this legendary leader how God uses ordinary men and women to accomplish extraordinary things.  It is amazing to see how God uses prayerful people to accomplish God-size tasks.